"Exclusive: US military bases in Europe on high alert as terrorists plot attacks - Here's what you need to know!" - Rproject9

"Exclusive: US military bases in Europe on high alert as terrorists plot attacks - Here's what you need to know!"

 Several US military bases across Europe were placed on high alert over the weekend, with the troop protection  position raised to the alternate loftiest  position amid  enterprises that a terrorist attack could target US military  labor force or  installations, according to two US  officers.  

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Those bases, including theU.S. Army garrison in Stuttgart, Germany, whereU.S. European Command is headquartered, raised their alert  position to “ Charlie ” Force Protection Condition on Sunday,  officers said.  

The status “ applies when an incident occurs or intelligence information is  entered indicating a possible terrorist act or targeting of  labor force or  installations, ” according to the US Army.  

One of the US  officers,  posted at a base in Europe, said they hadn't seen this  position of  trouble “ in at least the last 10 times, ” and said this  generally means the  service has  entered a “ believable active  trouble. ”  Asked about the switch,U.S. 

European Command  spokesperson Cdr. And Day, declined to  note on specific troop protection  situations. But he told CNN that USEUCOM “ continually assesses a variety of factors that impact the safety of the US military community overseas. 

As part of those  sweats, we  frequently take  fresh  way to  insure the safety of our service members. For  functional security reasons, we won't take specific action, but we remain  watchful. 

”  Day added that “ USEUCOM continuously monitors the security  terrain to  insure its  labor force are stylish informed and  deposited to  insure the safety of  individualities, families and their loved bones. 

As always, USEUCOM advises  labor force in the European region to remain alert and alert at all times. ”  It isn't clear what intelligence  urged the security upgrade, but European authorities have advised of implicit terror  pitfalls on the  mainland. 

especially ahead of the Paris Olympics in July and during the current European football crowns in Germany.  The German government brought in 580  transnational police officers to  help with security alongside Germanofficers.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said ahead of the  event, “ We're preparing for all possible  troubles from Islamic terror to violent  culprits and  ruffians. ”  France has also been preparing for implicit terror  pitfalls to the Olympics. 

which start in  lower than a month. Since March, France has upgraded its  public security alert system to the loftiest  position, according to the US delegacy in France.  “ French authorities are  laboriously covering terrorist  pitfalls from  systematized groups and radicalized  individualities. 

” the delegacy said. “ Attacks can  do with little or no warning, targeting  sightseer  spots, major sporting and artistic events, and other public areas that attract large  figures of civilians. ”

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