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"California Cities Ditch Fireworks for Jaw-Dropping Drone Shows - You Won't Believe Your Eyes!"

 Fireworks and the Fourth of July always seem like a package deal. But in recent years, some cities have opted for drone shows. 

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The show uses a group of drones to create formations in the sky — like bald eagles, or California's iconic grizzly bears. 

This is a light show similar to fireworks, but without the smoke and noise. Organizers of these shows often describe this exchange as an environmental exchange that has less pollution and waste than fireworks.  

Katie Biggers, executive director of the Tahoe City Downtown Association, said her organization began holding drone shows along the north side of Lake Tahoe in 2022 as a way to be more environmentally friendly. This year marks their third drone show on the Fourth of July. 

“We considered doing a more sustainable option for a variety of reasons, both because of the noise, the chemicals going into the air and into the lake… and, of course, the risk of fire,” Biggers said.  

When fireworks were used in previous years, he said divers were sent to collect any remaining debris that would land in the lake. But drones don't require that cleaning. This comes as a relief after last year. 

when he said there were reports of tons of trash collected after celebrations in other areas of Tahoe.   “I think people who saw the amount of trash that was collected last year – you know. 

we're very proud here on the North Shore that we don't necessarily have that trash,” he said.  Some parts of the state have actively encouraged the use of drones over fireworks. Earlier this year. 

the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District launched pilot grants to provide money to cities looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to fireworks. Cassandra Melching, a spokeswoman for the district. 

said fireworks have long been an issue for air quality and for vulnerable groups, such as children and the elderly and people with respiratory problems. “They emit high levels of fine particles,” he said. “And it contains soot, ash, heavy metals – lots of toxins that are very dangerous to health.” 

Around the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve, Melching said it's normal to see an increase in fine particles.“That's why this time of year, we're just trying to inform the public and tell them to pay attention to [vulnerable] individuals and protect their health,” Melching said. 

One of the district's grant recipients is Visalia, located west of Sequoia National Park, which will host its first-ever drone show for their Independence Day event. Laurissa Roggenkamp. 

​​Visalia's recreation division manager, said the drone show could reduce negative impacts on air quality in the area.  “We have historically had poor air quality,” he said. “Recently, there were some fires in Fresno County, which is our neighboring county, and being in the Central Valley, we were all impacted by… those wildfires.” 

When planning this year's drone show, Roggenkamp said city staff explored several issues regarding the use of fireworks. The city's animal services division cited an increase in the number of dogs running loose after events involving fireworks. 

and other divisions cited the impact on their families.  “Many of my colleagues, they have children who suffer from respiratory problems, asthma,” Roggenkamp said. “They just, spontaneously during our meeting, mentioned that their kids were having a hard time after the Fourth of July.”

Melching said the district will hear feedback from their grant recipients and decide whether or not to offer these funds again after the year ends.

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