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Just released Engwe for the 2024 Olympics! Limited Edition P20 Ace Folding E-Bike revealed!

Friends, before us, there is the P20 from Engwe, a California-born brand that has been in the news quite a lot lately. Heck, we've even tested a few of their e-bikes over the years, and if there's one thing Engwe gets right, it's offering a good balance between speed and cost.

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Recently, some of their machines have undergone upgrades, giving rise to new generations, so be sure to check them out. As for the P20 before us today, it was nicknamed the Ace and was a limited edition machine, so once they're gone, they're gone forever. 

So, let's take a break from our busy days to see what we can get for no more than $1,200 (Pre-Sale price).The most important thing, and the reason why this edition exists, is the upcoming Olympics. 

To commemorate the event, Engwe chose to prepare an Ace colorway. It's a matte black frame that fades into a flame look with a red background on the front of the bike. It fades neatly, if you ask me. 

Sure, the flames might be too big, but how else are you going to start the Olympics if not with a torch? But there's more to the P20 than just color, so let's keep exploring. This stage starts with the backbone of this e-bike, namely the folding frame. 

As we can see, the P20 has a trigger feature in the middle that causes the frame to fold in the middle, and once we activated this system, within ten seconds, the frame was in its most compact position and even locked into place on the back. 

to keep everything nice and tight and easy to control. You'll use the handlebars to maneuver the P20 around town in this form, but if necessary, the steering column can also collapse. 

They are built on 20-inch wheels, with a cross-section of 1.95 inches and no suspension, either rear or front. Next, we come to the drivetrain and the most important electronics that this e-bike provides us with. 

and since Engwe put extra explanation on the drivetrain, we can get there; I can understand why. To my surprise, the P20 uses the good old carbon belt drive, but it's unclear if Gates is the manufacturer behind the magic.

That said, I've had the chance to experience the belt drive on a few e-bikes, and what I can say is that it's quite smooth indeed and requires almost no maintenance at all. Of course, you have to flush it if there is sand and dirt in your grooves. 

but other than that, it rides maintenance-free up to 33,000 km (stated by the manufacturer). Now, e-bikes that are not designed to escape the confines of city life don't need a lot of power. 

so Engwe decided to use a 250 W motor to the read hub which is capable of producing a peak of 42 Nm (31 lb-ft of torque). Sure, it's not much, but again, for getting around the city, it's enough. 

The only people who will definitely pass on this kind of power and drivetrain setup are those of us who live in hilly areas; it's not the easiest thing to climb a hill. Depending on where you are, Engwe modifies the speed limits on your motorcycle. 

and for Europe, the P20 is limited to 25 kph (15.5 mph), which is apparently also the same speed limit that US riders are familiar with.But, there is a little trick I can tell you. 

I noticed a rather simple controller on the P20, which is used by many other manufacturers, and if it's the same as the one I changed, you can unlock a speed limit of up to 38 kph (24 mph). 

That should make US drivers happy. The torque sensor will be responsible for the amount of power your motor puts out.Lastly, Engwe states that the P20 can achieve a maximum range of 100 km (62 miles) on a full charge, this is made possible by the 9.6 ah battery located behind the seat post. 

This is the range reported in a test environment, so expect some dips during real-world driving. Typically, it's a drop of around 30% that I notice when you take an e-bike out into the world, especially if you often carry a backpack and always ride with a full stomach. 

Be sure to pay attention to tire pressure before riding; it's a long range killer! Luckily, this is a removable battery, so if you take another one, double the amount.

Now, the best way to really see if the P20 is for you is to get out there and test it out.

For that, you need to look for a dealer in your area. Once you see what it can do, if you want to get on the Olympic train, head over to the Engwe website and get an Ace. Ride safely out there, and always wear a helmet.

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